Charge Payers.

Contact our office to discuss a short-term repayment arrangement. We understand that being in debt is not a choice. That is why we do everything we can to make paying the money you owe as easy and straightforward as possible.

Making a payment

How do I make a payment?

If you have received a letter from us, contact our office today to discuss a short-term payment arrangement.

Payment methods:

  1. Online at, you will need the surname and postcode of the account holder and their reference number
  2. By phone on 0845 527 7958 (our lines are open 24 hours)
  3. By post to Chandlers House, 2 Southlands Road, Bromley, Kent, BR2 9QP. Please make your cheque out to ‘Chandlers’ and make sure you write your reference number on the back.

Other ways to pay:

  • By bank transfer
    Sort Code 30-84-51 Bank Account Number 50944660
    (Quote Chandlers reference Number.)
  • At a bank or building society
  • Through the post office
  • Through a local pay point
  • By visiting the contractor’s office
  • By an enforcement agent surgery
  • By standing order
  • In person at the doorstep.

Pay now

You will need the surname and postcode of the account holder and their reference number.

What happens if I miss a payment?

Your payment arrangement will be in default. You will need to pay your debt back in full plus charges, along with additional costs to prevent an enforcement agent calling at your address. You can find out more about charges in the table below.

If you have a valid reason for not paying your instalment on time, please contact our office before it’s due on 020 8290 5055.


Fees Tribunal Courts & Enforcement Act 2007
Schedule 12 – The Taking Control of Goods.
Fee Stage Fixed Fee Percentage fees over £1,500.00
Compilance £75.00
Enforcement £235.00 7.5%
Sale £110.00 7.5%

Enforcement notices

Stage one:

The first letter you receive is called a Notice of Enforcement. It means you must contact the office within seven days to pay the full balance or to make a short-term arrangement.

The statutory cost of this Notice is £75.00.

If you believe there is a reason you should be classed as a vulnerable person, you need to contact us to tell us why and provide the evidence to support this.

Stage two:

If you do not contact us, an enforcement officer will visit your property and take control of your goods to sell at auction and clear your debt.

You can still make a short-term arrangement at this stage by completing a Control of Goods Order. The enforcement agent will make a list of your goods to the value of you debt plus costs. Your goods will then be in the custody of the law, but will stay in your use until you have cleared your debts.

The statutory cost of this Notice is £235.00 plus 7.5% of any combined debt over £1,500.00.

You can avoid these costs by contacting us as soon as you receive the Notice Of Enforcement.

Stage three:

If you do not contact us or you default on your arrangement (with or without the Control of Goods Order), an enforcement agent will visit your property to remove your goods for sale at an online or public auction.

The statutory cost of Sale is £110.00 plus 7.5% of any combined debt over £1,500.00. You will also need to pay the auctioneer’s fees and the cost of storing the goods.

Welfare and advice


It is our job to help protect vulnerable and socially excluded people and people in poverty. We always agree our procedures with our clients before we begin the recovery process. However, every situation is different and it would be impossible to plan for every eventuality. That is why our agents have a duty to contact our Welfare Team who in turn will contact our client if they notice something that gives them cause for concern.

Contact our Welfare Team

Free phone: 0800 848 8800
Fax: 020 8290 0868
Post: Chandlers House
2 Southlands Road
Bromley Kent

Where can I get debt advice?

CAP offers a free face-to-face debt management service, with advice and ongoing support provided from our Bradford-based head office. CAP can also help tackle the causes of debt through a range of group services, including: Job Clubs, Life Skills, Fresh Start and The CAP Money Course.

Citizens Advice Bureau offer free, confidential and independent debt advice from over 3,500 locations. You can speak to them in person, by phone or over email. Some bureaus also offer advice by text, online chat and webcam.

The Money Advice Trust is a charity, formed in 1991. They work with their partners to make sure people struggling with debt get access to the quality, independent, free advice they need.


How do I make a complaint?

If you have a complaint about one of our employees or our procedures, please put it in writing so we can carry out a full investigation and send your letter to:

Address Chandlers Limited
Chandlers House
2 Southlands Road
Bromley Kent
Document Click here to download our corporate complaints procedure

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Company policies

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