Chandlers Limited has become members of the ECB – Enforcement Conduct Board

The Enforcement Conduct Board provides independent oversight of the enforcement industry (bailiffs) to ensure that all those who are subject to enforcement action in England & Wales are fairly treated.

We are guided by the principles of independence, ambition, proportionality, collaboration, and transparency.

Our key functions include:

  • Raising standards – setting new clear standards of behaviour and supervising performance and conduct in the industry against these standards.
  • Improving accountability – holding enforcement firms and agents to account through delivering an accreditation scheme that includes supervisory activities such as audits, reviews of firms’ policies and procedures, compliance and complaints, independent research, and development of an oversight model that will disincentivise non-compliance with ECB standards.
  • Complaint handling – setting up our own, independent complaints handling process for those who are concerned about how they have been treated by enforcement firms and have not been able to resolve their complaint with the firm itself.
  • Protecting the vulnerable and achieving fairness – ensuring that our new standards and code of practice put fairness at the heart of this sector and address the importance of identifying and responding to vulnerability.